Mathematik — Mittle School

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Math — Middle School

If you have a child who doesn’t have their math facts down, please have them go to XtraMath daily until they do!

Note: CK12 is offering free tutoring done by certified college students and high school students. You can post your questions and a tutor will answer within 24 hours.  The actual hours where someone will be available to help one on one is being worked out, but you can ask a question any time. Here’s the info: You will need a create a free CK12 account then join the Easy Peasy Tutoring Group here. Click on Q&A to ask a question. When you ask, include the question you are having trouble with.

Middle School Math (5th through 8th)

Note: The time you spend on each step will depend on the child. Some will take Algebra 1 in 8th.

Step 1:  This is recommended for 5th level or 5th and 6th depending on speed.

For those in 5th grade or higher getting started, go to the Step 1 page for day by day videos and exercises to complete. You stay on an exercise until you are “proficient” according to the site. You should get the first problem wrong so that it forces you to get five correct in a row.

Step 2 This is recommended for 6th or 7th level depending on speed.

Use the Step 2 page for your daily assignments. It is a combination of the two sites below, so they will get two presentations of most topics.

Master Math Your child will watch the lesson and take the quiz. If they get more than one wrong, they can do the worksheet the next day for more practice. Any topic that they are not understanding, you can go here and try the lesson again in a different format.

Middle School Math  There are quizzes throughout.

Step 3 This is recommended for 7th or 8th level depending on speed. If you are taking this while in 9th, then it goes on your transcript. You can call this course Prealgebra.

This step is in a 180 day layout. It combines GA Virtual Learning and Master Math, as well as pulling in lessons and exercises from a variety of other places, so they will get multiple presentations of most topics.

(If you are in high school, record all of the graded quizzes on your grading sheet. Divide your total right by the total possible. Move the decimal point over 2 times. Your number should be something like 75 or 81 (less than 100). Divide that number in half. Add 50 points (or up to 50 points) for completing the daily work–reading, watching videos, completing online activities and labs.)

Step 4:  This is for those who are ready for algebra in 8th.

Algebra 1  (I’m sending you over to the high school site for this course!)

This is a high school course and could go on your transcript even if you aren’t in 9th yet, though you will always check with your school district and any colleges you apply to for their rules and directions.