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Intermediate Language Arts

This is for students who have completed Language Arts 7 but not yet Reading 7. You can use this course for a year, or whatever is necessary, in order to get caught up and ready for the high school level courses.

Course Description: Students will review and practice spelling, grammar and writing skills using online resources. Students will produce quick creative writings as well as formal essays.

Daily Progress Chart

How to use this course:

Every day you will will click on the first grammar link below and do the next lesson given in the list on the site. When you get to the quiz, take that instead of doing a new lesson. You will then do a daily editing activity, the second link below. These can be printed ahead of time if you like, or, the student can just write down the edits in a notebook and then check the work when complete. The answers are on the same page, just further down. Finally, the students will write each day. This will start off slowly and then build up. The early writing activities are to help overcome writer’s block and the stress of starting writing. Getting started can be the hardest part.

Daily work

Do a daily grammar exercise or quiz.  (I suggest starting at lesson 86.)

Do a daily editing activity.  Start in February and work your way through.


Days 1-30

Write for one minute.

Days 31-60

Choose a topic. (You don’t have to use these topics. They are just for ideas, and you don’t have to pick from a certain month.)

Write for five minutes.

Days 61-90

Choose a topic.

Write for ten minutes.

Day 90

Read this page about how to write a paragraph.

Day 91

Read more about writing a paragraph.

Days 92-120

Write a paragraph. Your paragraph can be about anything: what you are learning, family, friends, hobbies, sports…

Here are two places for ideas: one  two

Day 121

Read the first page about essay writing.

Day 122

Read part 1 of 5 on how to write an essay. (There are many steps in part 1.)

Day 123

Look again at part 1 and choose a topic, research if necessary and write your thesis sentence, what tells your topic to your audience. Think of three main things you want to say about your topic.

Your topic can be anything you are interested in, something you are learning about in school, or a current events topic.

Day 124

Write your introduction paragraph, using your thesis sentence as the last sentence of the paragraph.

Write three topic sentences for the three middle paragraphs, what you decided you were going to say on your topic.

Day 125

Write two of your middle paragraphs, including details supporting their topics.

Day 126

Write your last middle paragraph and your conclusion. Refer to the how to as necessary.

Day 127

Read part 2 of 5 of how to write an essay.

Read your essay for corrections.

Day 128

Read your essay out loud and note and awkward moments.

Fix them.

Change verbs to make the stronger and more specific.

Add in examples.

Make it better!

Day 129

Read parts 1 and 2 again and publish your essay when you are ready.

This could be saved in a portfolio.

Day 130

Choose another topic. Choose something that needs a little research. Find a quote or statistic that you will use to open your essay.

Days 131-135

Write your essay.

Days 136-140

Write another essay that requires research and include a quote from somewhere.

Days 141-150

Write two persuasive essays.  (part 3 of 5)

Days 151-160

Write two expository essays.  (part 4 of 5)

Days 161-170

Write two narrative essays.  (part 5 of 5)

Days 171-180

Just write for fun. Write for at least fifteen minutes a day.


This course can be completed for a second year if necessary.